TRAKDIV is designed to meet the regular reporting requirement of industry players. It saves time by automatically deriving reports based on the user defined parameters.

TRAKDIV gives a decade of historic dividend information to derive approved & unapproved category of investment. It also gives thinly traded information for equity data. User can upload the portfolio and automatically verify the thinly traded and approved/unapproved securities.

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  • Over 10 year’s history of company payouts.
  • Aids in compliance requirements of various regulatory authorities.
  • Lists of Approved and Unapproved securities for investment based on regulatory criteria.
  • Weeds out Thinly Traded securities.
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring based on the guidelines laid down by regulators.
  • Portfolio feature helps in easy identification of Approved, Unapproved and Thinly Traded companies
  • Portfolio upload facility
  • User Pre-defined or Custom defined compliance settings.
  • Classification of Approved/unapproved category.
  • Detail or summary report for companies.
  • Classification of approved/unapproved category of investment based on the user defined parameters.
  • Classification of thinly traded companies in the portfolio based on regulatory guidelines.